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Namugongo - Kira Town

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Installation of the New Rector of Don Bosco Calm-Namugongo

It was on last Tuesday 12th August 2014 that our Provincial Reverend Father Camiel Swertvagher has installed the new Rector of Don Bosco CALM Namugongo Community. He was accompanied by Reverend Father Celestin Ngoboka the Vice Provincial, Reverend Father Jean Pierre Turabanye the Provincial counselor for the youth ministry, Reverend Father Ferdinand Ntunzwenimana, the Director of Allessandro Rossi Technical school of Ngozi, Reverend Brother John Njuguna in transit to Rango his new community and Rev. Brother Francis Chinapati in transit to Kamuli. The whole CALM community has been mobilized for the even Mass sung by the children of CALM in which the canonic installation of the new Rector took place. During his Homely, the Provincial has explained the mission entrusted to the new Rector Fr. Jean Marie Mushibwe as highlighted by the salesian Constitutions Article 59. Three elements have been handed over to the new Rector. Firstly, The new Rector is to be characterized by a spirit of a good father (at the example of the good Shepherd) among his confreres, a good father among the children of the CALM House, a good father among the uncles (social workers), among the aunties, and a good father among the volunteers. Secondarily, the new Rector is to be a guide.


He will lead his flock towards a green pasture, then the flock will follow his voice and obey to him. Thirdly, Father Jean Marie Mushibwe is to be a Director. He has been empowered to direct with authority and implement justice and order within the sectors of our community. After Massv around 8 PM, a solemn supper was offered to the whole CALM community, which did not delay to manifest the joy of having a new, a friend, and wonderful Rector through the clap and jolly speeches.The new team of the CALM is now composed by Fr Jean Marie Mushibwe (Rector), Fr. Jean Bosco Ntirenganya (Vicar), Fr. Elie Nyandwi (Animator), Br. Hubert Twagirayezu (Economer) and Br. Robert Dias (Counselor).

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