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The journey through the 2013 province youth forum at Kamuli (Uganda)

The province youth forum of this year 2013 was held at St. Joseph VTC – Kamuli. It was attended by representatives of Salesian Houses in the three countries of Great Lakes of Africa (A.G.L.) namely; Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. The official opening of this youth forum took place on 6th August and ended on 9th August, 2013. However, before this, there was a meeting of the animators who were selected to represent the different communities of the Salesian Houses.

This took 4 days (2nd August to 6th August).It was organized to update the animators/youth leaders about the Salesian Youth Movement (S.YM.), their responsibilities and how to lead the youth from various Salesian houses that were to converge in the Salesian centre of Kamuli in the days to come. The three countries represented were as follows;

Dusabe Clement, Mukhesimana Donata and

Nyiransabimana Josee……………………………………………………..Gatenga – Rwanda.

Umuhoza Eugene……………………………………………………………Kabgayi – Rwanda.

Uwimana Honorine, Kwizera Emmanuel and

Bunani Janvier……………………………………………………………….Ifak – Rwanda.

Uriho Marie Chantal and Umutesi Theopiste………………..Noviciat Rango – Rwanda.

Nibizi Gloria and Nduwarugira Juvenal………………………..VTC Buterere – Burundi.

Bukuru Awilla and Masambere Armel………………………….LDB Ngozi – Burundi.

Kanyamuneza Evelyne and Nduwayezu Didier…………….LTAR Ngozi – Burundi.

Niyibimpa Elade and Herekimana Pierre Claver………….Rukago – Burundi.

Mulindwa Paul and Obedgiu Samuel……………………………Bombo – Uganda.

Nkonoka Victoria, Gabula John Baptist,

Ssozi Joseph and Menya Ernest………………………………………Kamuli – Uganda.

Ssebulime Ponsiano and Kyobe Reagan…………………………Namugongo – Uganda.

The animators from Burundi and Rwanda were accompanied by Rev. Fr. Jean Pierre – the Youth Delegate at Provincial level. On their arrival in Kampala, they were later joined by the animators from Bombo and Namugongo and taken to Kamuli. The group reached Kamuli Town around 10:30pm and a little later, they reached St. Joseph- VTC – Kamuli .From here, they received a warm welcome from Br. John Nguguna – the Principle of St. Joseph VTC, Br. Joseph Mweebe and a group of Salesian aspirants.

The next day, Fr. Moses Wanjjala led the animators in a Holy Mass in the community chapel. Following this, the animators began their meeting when they were addressed on important key issues regarding the Salesian Youth Movement and the different roles of a salesian animator. This was done by Fr. Arasu, Fr. Denis and Fr. Jean Pierre. The communication was made in three languages; English, French and Kinyarwanda so as to make all understand what was being communicated by the priests. In their message to the animators, they talked about the profile of an animator, groups and leadership, role of a salesian animator, effectiveness of youth groups, the Salesian Youth Movement, its origin, structural organizational, objectives, the level of animation, strategies of facilitating the animation, future prospects, to mention but a few. For example, under the profile of a Salesian animator, we discussed the meaning of a salesian animator and we came up with answers such as; he/she is the one who has the spirit of Don Bosco and ready to share the salesian mission of helping the youths especially those who are neglected. On the side of leadership, we found out that a good leader should always be there for others, exemplary with good morals, ethics and available to help the young people in all life eventualities. However, we did not only this, but also participated in other activities such as morning and evening prayers, singing class, group discussions, preparing food, organizing recreational and cultural activities, the family tree which included sharing personal experiences and whatever takes place in various salesian houses as well as cleanliness on the grounds as also toilet and shower blocks. 

On 6th August, the young people from the salesian communities of Bombo and Namugongo arrived at St. Joseph VTC- Kamuli at 7:30pm and those from Rwanda and Burundi arrived late in the night amidst joyful scenes because of the warm welcome they received from those who had reached earlier. The next day 7th August, all the youth assembled in the main hall of St. Joseph V.T.C. to celebrate the Holy Eucharist. Before this, there was a brief speech from Rev. Fr. Bernard – the Youth Chaplain of Jinja Diocese who officially launched the 2013 Youth Forum under the theme, “Lets Carry the Gospel of Joy to the Youths.” Following this, the Eucharist was presided over by Rev. Fr. Camiel – the Provincial of the A.G.L. Province, on the feast day of the Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ. The provincial called on the congregation to meditate upon a few words from the Gospel such as “It is nice to be here “by Simon Peter and “This is my beloved Son, listen to him” from God the Almighty.

After the Holy Mass, we were divided into four groups and discussions on the theme “Pedagogy of Joy” took off. While the discussions were going on, The T-shirts for Youth Forum 2013 were being distributed to the young people by the animators according to communities. The Salesian priests (Fr. Arasu, Fr. Jean Pierre, Fr. Godwin, Fr. Eli and Fr. Denis) and sister Gisele from the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians Congregation took us through these discussions in different groups. After this, we had a hearty lunch accompanied by soft drinks. We then set off to visit Kamuli Mission Hospital of Little Sisters of the Poor as planned earlier. On arrival, we received a warm welcome from the senior nursing clinical officer. We were also addressed by the hospital chaplain as well as by the Director of the hospital. We took a tour around the Hospital and visited various places within such as the Children’s Ward, the Theatre, the Medical School and so forth.

Following this, we returned to St. Joseph V.T.C. to continue with other programs of the day such as evening prayers, dinner, recreational and cultural activities where different communities presented various items like mimes, cultural dances, break dances, drama, etc. This was concluded with a prayer followed by night’s rest.

The following day (8th August), the program was almost similar to that of the previous day. However after lunch, a group of youths selected by their leaders from different Salesian communities packed some gifts and drove off to the nearby prison to pay a visit to the prisoners, offering them the packed gifts. Meanwhile, the rest of the members accompanied by St. Joseph Brass Band took a tour of Kamuli Town. This was so exciting because one could easily observe that all the people were amused and  excited to see a great number of young people dancing and singing in their own tongues  while marching to the rhythm of the brass band. The day concluded with Holy Eucharist celebration led by Fr. Arasu. The Youth Forum 2013 was then officially closed by Fr. Bernard-the Diocesan Youth Director.  In his final words, he wished us a safe journey back to our respective communities and advised us to be “salt and light” of the communities we represented, by embarking with joy on the task of carrying and spreading the gospel of joy to our fellow young people. Immediately after the final blessing, the recreational and cultural activities followed as on the previous day which went on late into the night. By midnight, we were fast asleep in our beds.         

 On 9th August, all the youths once again assembled in the main hall to take part in the Eucharist before saying goodbye to the warm welcoming community of Kamuli. After mass, Fr. Eli  read the 2012 letter of  Pope Benedict XVI to the continent of Africa  entitled “ Commitment Of Africa” in which the previous Pope called on the people of Africa to take up the task of spreading the Gospel and have faith in God our Father as well as being the salt and light of the world.


Finally, after breakfast all the youths boarded buses to drive off to their respective communities amidst a tearful and heart rending scene because of friendships evolved during the Youth Forum days by friendly youths from Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda. Nevertheless, it was time to part and say an affectionate ‘goodbye’ thus drawing the curtain to close 2013 Youth Forum at Kamuli-Uganda

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