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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala - Uganda


Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Past pupils at Don Bosco calm Namugongo

The day began as usual with  morning prayers followed by work which was conducted by uncle Paul. After  work, we prepared ourselves for the  Eucharist.  Rev. Fr  Richard was the priest celebrant with  Fr. Jean  Marie being the con celebrant assisted by eight alter servers. The First Reading was taken from Prophet Malachi; it was saying that, the lord you are seeking will suddenly enter his temple. It was read by Kato Ronald a student from St.Mary s.s.s.Namaliga.The Second Reading was taken from Hebrews. It was saying that, it was essential that he showed in this way to be completely like his brothers; it was read by Sadic Bashir also a student of  St. Mary s.s.s  Namaliga. The Gospel was taken from Luke 2:22-40. My eyes have seen your salvation. It was proclaimed by Rev Fr. Jean Marie.

In the homily the Rev. Fr. Richard emphasized on the fact that we have to follow the things the way they are supposed to be giving an example of Jesus himself; he had no sin but he accepted to be baptized, Mary his mother, the mother of Jesus was a virgin and she gave birth to Jesus and she also remained a virgin.  She went to the Temple to give  glory to God so that the scriptures  be fulfilled.


Fr.Richard also  talked  about obedience  to our elders. Jesus knowing very well that he was a son of God he obeyed  his earthly parents and was  obedient to them. For the humble  shall be raised and those who praise themselves shall perish. We should not forget our past-pupils who were invited for the day.

After the Eucharist, the trophies of the champions league tournament were brought for distribution. The league was played during the holidays between five teams namely; uncles, technical, primary, secondary A and Secondary B. Rev. Fr. Richard was the Referee of the entire tournament. The following were awarded prizes; kasule Daniel as the disciplined player, Kajoba Herman as the best defender, Muyanja Alex as the best goal keeper,and man of the match was Kayiwa Richard with sixteen goals in four matches. The best team was secondary B with twelve points and  was given a goat and every member of the team was also given a prize to appreciate their efforts. The second team was the uncles, followed by secondary A,  primary and finally technical team. The games were good. The only one man Tumusiime Julius who broke his left hand during a well-contested game. Sorry for this incident, we pray for his   quick recovery.

 We then went to the mountain called breakfast where we got our breads and that porridge, it was nice to share our breakfast with  the past pupils. Breakfast over, the past pupils went for their meeting with Fr. Richard, They shared  their experiences-good  and not so good. Fr. Richard encouraged them to persevere in their work, for life in the world  has roses with thorns.

Before the breakfast we had a short talk with Fr. Richard. He stressed the importance of  studies, he spoke of  the general performance and was not happy .Primary seven as this year the results poor. In the technical schools there are  some who have” periods” but still some do improve. The secondary boys in general were  holding  the banner of good  performance and some  quite  good.Fr Richard congratulated   the students of st. Marys s.s.s Namaliga for their conduct and good performance. He encouraged them to keep up the spirit.

 After the meeting of  the past pupils we had a volley ball match with them.It was indeed a well contested game with Past Pupils as winners.  As you  know very well  we were hungry and waiting for our long-awaited dinner. it was really good and delicious. All of us  enjoyed  it to the full. Our thanks to the cook who did a marvelous  job .After lunch we started interacting with the Past-Pupils, it was a short story but an  experience that will linger in our minds.  The one i talked  to  was Tumwekwase Herbert. He told me that life outside is not all that easy.  He even first went back to the village he had just  come back.about me when I was so young, when I had just joined calm in 2002 and I take him now as m

After that wonderful time of sharing, they were called to the community house were they shared some of their time with the priests of the place this was a moment of happiness, after that they came back and we went with them for roasting of meat this was done as community, it was so amazing seeing all community happy and smelling to each other and this changed my heart, after the roasting by the way it was a variety of goat, a pig etc but for all this to happen I take back my pressure to the most Rev .fr. Richard, Rev .fr. john mary,Brother Robert, the uncles, aunt’s   and to my prayers I pray that at least we do have a day like this every year for me I will not call it the day of the past pupils but a day of joy, if possible their need to be the organization of them as St. john Bosco had made it.

After the “BULL” roasting of goats, pigs etc we had our evening prayers as our culture and we ended even the day, its true that every thing comes to an end but I pray this day of joy come thrice in our community Don Bosco Calm.

I thank all the Salesians in the community starting from their Rector Major and directors of the place,I thank the uncles, aunts, and more so I can not forget my fellow boys and I also thank the old boys who made it a point to come and lastly and the most important God the almighty father who made the day to be so colorful and who put smiles on each and every ones face. I would like to wish you all a prosperous new year and may the good lord grant you all your hearts desires.

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