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Namugongo - Kira Town

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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Senior Five Back to School


On a very cold morning he woke up and said, “God, when am I finishing this O’ level journey?” and indeed he had nothing to do other than putting on his uniform and going to school. Time never stood still, by now he was in vacation saying, “God when is this vacation going to end?”On the 20th of March 2014, the Senior Five headed off to their different schools after a long wait. Everyone was happy and ready to face their First Day at Advanced Level, for every one had been ready with their combination to undertake. Five of them headed to Majorine College which is also their former school while the remaining went to St. Mary’s Bombo to attain their academic goals and opt for a worthy future.Ready with the school requirements, packed with a piece of sound advice and with determination they have all succeeded to live and see their awaited day.  Surely as I write they are now tackling seriously their combinations after their academic level transition.  

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