Namugongo - Kira Town, Kampala Uganda

DON BOSCO - Children And Life Mission - CALM


Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala - Uganda


Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Youth Alive regional music, dance, drama and fine Arts competition

At long last the awaited day came- 21/06/2014. The day our young stars would have to prove themselves. The days they have been sowing in tears. The day they would show their hidden talents. Child And Life Mission (CALM) young stars after a good breakfast, started their journey for the grand festival at Bat Valley Primary School in Kampala at 8:15 am after niece breakfast. We were 50 in all; 44 boys, 4 uncles, 1 aunty and myself. We traveled by Coaster and two cars. We arrived at the venue 1hour 15minutes from the time of departure, right in time.


The hall was large enough to accommodate the schools in attendance (LUBIRI HIGH,ST CHARCLES,DON BOSCO- CALM AND NSAMBIA YOUTH SHARING CENTER). It was nicely decorated with balloons and different colorful ribbons. The music system was well set to produce good and clear sound.

Now, “MC” Martin announces, “on the stage we have CALM.” There was dramatic silence in the entire hall. Every one eager to see what the defending champions have got this time. The curtains flew open and behold the stars; dressed like warriors ready for the battle, tiger printed all over their costumes and Nigerian caps on their heads. Wow! This really scared the competitors. After the ’war’ every one clapped. First item done.

After that CALM young stars came again on the stage presenting their song.They looked smart in their green suits, serious faces waiting the judge to ring the starting bell, their voices sang gloriously, loud and clear.

After Lubiri High School presented their song which was a nice one in “luganda” we were given a lunch break of 75minutes. Other schools strait away were served lunch, but CALM boys took just a soda, they only ate after the last item.

We resumed at 2:00pm and CALM was the third to present drama after St. Charles luanga and Nsambia Youth Sharing Center.

Once more CALM was on the stage with the last item. Hah! All actors look well trained and experienced. Beautiful and natural scenery. Every scene looked live.                             Look at the audience all holding their cheeks. Some light hearted could hardly hold their tears. Everyone looked as if praying the whole thing to end immediately. The drama was really bringing the fact as to why we have plenty of street kinds on Ugandan streets. Briefly on the scenes you could see: child mistreated at home beaten and chased away; he goes to the grave yard of his mum and cries bitterly (remember everything looked real-box grave and bush background with banana plantations). Nevertheless the drama was so educative. At last it ended. No one dared to clap not until at the MCs’ invitation.


The coordinator of Youth Alive was the first to give the speech .He welcomed and thanked all those in attendance. He challenged the young stars to do something individually to help someone. He said, “We cannot help everyone but everyone can help someone.”

Joseph the group leader came next and he started by welcoming all the four clubs to the national competitions in Kampala. He repeatedly said, “Whenever you serve a person, you serve God himself” and “service needs commitment and endurance.” Before concluding, he urged youth not to let the weak among them to lag behind rather they should join hands together to compete with the outsiders.

The judge came forward. Now this is the time everyone is panicking and eager to hear the ‘breaking news.’ But before that, he was kind enough to give the following remarks;

v  Every club has performed better

v  Every one is a winner.

v  Concentrate on all the items.

v  Bring the reality in the drama.

v  Don’t mix drama and comedy.

v  Act naturally.

v  Singing-let the whole song flow harmoniously .

v  Poem-follow the beats, among others.

And finally he announces the results:

1.      Lubiri high school.

2.      Don Bosco-CALM.

3.      Nsambya youth sharing center.

4.      St. Charles Luanga.


Best in drama – 70%

Best in poem – 83%

Best actor – Kasule Daniel.

There was great celebration for the winners and the defending champions were for a minute frozen but afterwards joined the celebrations.

See you again at the nationals in two weeks time.

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