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Namugongo - Kira Town

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St John Bosco’s Feast at Don Bosco CALM Namugongo

The Salesian community together with Don Bosco Namugongo celebrated The feast of St. John Bosco on 31st Jan 2015. The day began with early preparations from the boys who woke up early morning at 5:00AM to clean and make sure that the day is celebrated in the most colorful manner. This was followed by welcoming of visitors from far as well as the neighboring Christians who came to celebrate with us the Feast of our Teacher, Founder, Father and Friend of the Youth. They were welcomed by the brass band members. Among the guests who honored the feast of our great Saint was Rev Fr Kakuba, a priest and Brothers from Comboni Missionaries, the staff of Zia Angelina Health Centre Namugongo, Sisters from Uganda Spiritual Formation Centre Namugongo, to mention  but a few. Rev Fr Kakuba who repeatedly stated that he was once a street boy on the streets of Kampala was the main Priest Celebrant. During the Homily, he did wonderful preaching that left everybody smiling. He talked about the life of st John Bosco and how he struggled to take care of the poor street boys and the youths who were abandoned during his time. He also talked about the works st John Bosco which included founding of Congregations like the Salesians of Don Bosco and the Salesian sisters; Daughters of Mary help of Christians.

After thanksgiving, Rev Fr Jean Marie sdb, the Rector of the place made a few announcements and this was followed by the awarding ceremony towards the best performers in the recently concluded football championship. Then followed the final Blessing by Fr. Kakuba. The gathering then proceeded to the grounds for a short entertainment from the acrobats, dancing crew and youth alive while the brass band members played joyful tunes.


A feast without food is not a feast and therefore, sumptuous meals with sodas and water were served at exactly 1:00PM. Everyone ate to his or her satisfaction. Since Don Bosco always encouraged his boys to participate in games and sports so as to exploit their talents, a football between the old boys (obs) and the present boys at the centre was played at around 3:00 pm. The match ended in a draw with five to five goals. This was followed a second match that was played between the born again boys from community church and the boys from Don Bosco CALM community which also ended in a draw of four to four goals.The day concluded with evening prayers where all the boys received gifts and this made the day a memorable one.

Special thanks to Rev Fr Jean Marie- the Rector of the place, to Salesians of Don Bosco, staff members CALM, Rev Fr Kakuba, guests and our neighboring Christians for having turned up in large numbers as we celebrated the Feast of our dear Father, Founder, Friend and Teacher of the youth.The presence of the Visitors and youth made the day a memorable one in the annuals of Don Bosco CALM.


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