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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

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Outdoor celebrations of the bicentenary of Saint John Bosco’s birth

After the Eucharistic Celebration, we all moved out for a procession led by our Brass Band to Kira Town which is 3km away from our Community. Two boys moved ahead of us holding a banner with the inscription “Bicentenary Celebrations of the Birth of Saint John Bosco”. Four boys also followed carrying a decorated portrait of Saint John Bosco which was made by Bro. Wantan John Baptist. Our band followed plus the boys and the neighbouring Christians who always pray with us. Those with cars followed us slowly from behind. The boys marched to the different tunes played by our band with lots of joy and happiness.

This prompted the by-standers to join and walk spontaneously with us and some were seen inquiring why the march? And we told them the occasion. On reaching Kira Town, business people plus the passengers in taxies were amazed and excited as well on seeing the boys march with vigor and great joy

We made a U-turn from the town and marched back to our community. However some of the young boys were tired and could not march any more. The Polish Volunteers carried them on the back to make them reach home and still enjoy the day.The celebrations went on with the fun, first with the Acrobats which staged a good exciting performance for our guests. This was followed with the dancing group which took to the floor with different amazing dancing styles which instigated some other boys to join and make it a dancing arena. Lunch followed and every one was served with delicious food with sodas. Presentations still went on during lunch.

The Celebrations could not end without the cutting of the cakes prepared by the aunties and a credible vote of thanks to them. Four cakes were prepared and House Leaders were called upon to cut the cakes on behalf of their House Mates and share the cakes with them. The guests were also served with the cake. Our past pupils who had come for the occasion also had a good share. The Celebrations ended with Fr.Elie – our Vice Rector giving us a blessing. There followed by a football match between our boys and the past pupils. Our boys inflicted a crushing defeat on their opponents. The final result was 6 – 2!

Congratulations to one and all who gave of their best to make this day a resounding success – Bicentenary of Saint John Bosco’s Birthday.

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