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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

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Don Bosco – CALM, a Home that welcomes

Visitors at Don Bosco – CALM 



Belgian Flag being held by two young Belgian teachers and James Kuteesa, pupil, P2 of Don Bosco Primary 

Yesterday Sunday, Don Bosco – CALM, welcomed visitors from Belgium, Indian community living in Kampala and two young men representatives of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda.

The Belgian visitors are the family members of the three young Belgians who are doing their internship as teachers at Don Bosco Primary School.  The Indian community of Kampala represented by two couples and their children, had come for the recollection day animated by Fr Eugene. The two young South Sudanese had come with Father Elie, the Director of CALM after offering the Eucharistic Celebration to the South Sudanese Refugees   living at Nankulabye in Kampala.




Address and Contact of CALM

Rev Fr. Elie Nyandwi, sdb

Director of CALM


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