Namugongo - Kira Town, Kampala Uganda

DON BOSCO - Children And Life Mission - CALM


Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala - Uganda


Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

The child has one intuitive aim: self development


On the 5th of October every year, the whole world celebrates the teachers’ day where teachers’ efforts are recognized. The theme for this year’s celebration; “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers” calls upon all the teachers to create a friendly and captivating learning environment between the pupils, students, parents and other stakeholders like the government.

Our teachers at Don Bosco Primary School have had their outing at Buloba Forest Park to refresh and evaluate themselves to some degree. Round of Applause for all the teachers, May God continue to bless your efforts towards the education of the world.


Teachers await to set off for their trip to Buloba Forest park

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