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Namugongo - Kira Town

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The Salesian candidates meeting at CALM Namugongo

On the 19th April 2013, the Salesian candidates in Uganda had their second meeting which was organized by the Vocation Director, Fr. Jean Paul and took place at DON  BOSCO CALM Namugongo; it went on for three (3) days. These were six (6) candidates from various parts of the country and residing  in various  Salesian communities. The theme of the meeting was  on “VOCATION” as Sunday being the Vocation Sunday or Sunday of the Good Shepherd and it involved various activities including entertainment, sports, prayer inspiration and  others.On the point of  prayers and inspirations, we had inspiration talks, first from  Br Robert Dias based on the Holy Thursday’s gospel ( washing of the feet). He said that this was a sign of humility, love and described it as a good source of reconciliation with our neighbors in times of misunderstandings.  Pope Francis has given  the best example that encourages priests to be out of the sacristy and join the Christians for prayers as assign of active participation. In summary, BRO Robert Dias encouraged us to pray to God to make us priests like Christ active in services, sacrifice and humility also encouraging us to put the word of God first above everything else. Pope washed the feet of juvenile. After that talk from BRO. Robert Dias, we had sports and we participated actively in volley ball match i.e. the Salesian community Vs the Boys volley ball team at CALM where we lost 3-1. Though we lost it was enjoyable and we exercised together with Fr Jean Paul Ndayikeguruste , Jean Marie Mushibwe and Br Robert was there too as an active spectator. Then, we had another talk from Fr Jean Marie which was like a good night talk from him. He talked about life not being a straight path. It needs endurance.

Though it was for a time, it was so nice for us we proceeded for supper which was  well  prepared. Before we had our  soft drinks and might’s rest, we had our last talk of the day of the day from our Vocation Director who encouraged us that Jesus be our way and encouraging us in our vocation as he tried to explain to us that it is a call which is  fully is  realized at the time when we meet to our Heavenly Father. He emphasized on the point of God not wishing us suffering rather suffering being our own choice. And he taught us some hyms found in the breviary which we learnt successfully. In the morning of Sunday, we had our morning prayer followed by  breakfast which was  at 7:30am. At  9:00 am, we went Sunday’s Eucharist together with all boys and a good number of Christian families.  Fr Jean Paul gave  homily to the extent of questioning the Christians that who of them would like to see their sons like Salesians priests as him. 

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