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Namugongo - Kira Town

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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

The child has one intuitive aim: self development

The youth forum 2013 held at KamuliI UGANDA-AGL

During our Youth Forum IN KAMULI, the youth met from different parts of the salesians province-AGL-Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda to share their experiences of life and also their difficultiesand challenges. The Youth Forum of this year took place on Tuesday 6th August 2013 and went up to Friday 9th August.


We left CALM Namugongo at 4:00 pm with 15 boys and one volunteer from Poland uncle Woitek. The journey was pretty long but we reached safely st.joseph kamuli. We were warmly welcomed by the Salesian conferes present that evening together with they provincial Fr. Camiel. Having registered our names, we were shown where we had to sleep for the night.

Taking part in the evening prayers at 8:15 pm, the good night talk followed. We were introduced to the Salesian conferes and the animators who were there to help us incase of need. Fr. Arasu the Rector of kamuli community briefed us about the Youth Forum. He gave us the theme of the Forum, which was “The pedagogy of joy.” He put it in simple terms as “let’s carry the Gospel of joy to the Youth.” He gave us the blessing and invited us all to supper. After supper, we were preceded to the main hall for further programs. We were taught some games and songs which made that evening very nice. We went to bed at 11:00 pm.Some of us kept awake waiting for our brothers and sisters from Burundi and Rwanda. They reached late at night and were also accommodated. Thanks to God they reached safely.

Wednesday morning, we woke up at 6:30 am and took part in morning prayers at 7:00am; from there we went for breakfast. After we went for some lessons according to the groups we were given by Br.John Njuguna. We reflected on our personal life. Later, the Youth Forum 2013 was officially opened with the Holy Eucharist by the Youth chaplain of Jinja diocese Fr. Ben and the main celebrant was Fr. Arasu the rector of kamuli community.

After mass, we had our lunch which was well prepared. After lunch, we went and visited the sick in kamuli mission hospital. We were welcomed by a group of sisters and also a priest who spoke to us about the hospital; they also gave us the profile of the hospital. We moved around the hospital, encouraging the sick and also praying for them not to lose hope in Christ Jesus.

Time was running out so we went back quickly to St. Joseph kamuli for evening wash or shower followed by the evening prayers which was followed by supper. After supper was the cultural program presented by the gathering. Each community was to present one item atleast, it was really cultural| we saw different dances e.g. the Kinyarwanda dance, Kirundi dance, busoga dance etc. It was really enjoyable with laughter to break our ribs. Youth are really talented. Boys and girls keep it up!.We slept that day around mid-night, the cultural items kept us wide awake.

Thursday morning, we woke up according to the program and had our prayers at 7:00 am which took us up to breakfast time. This was followed by lessons in different groups selected by Fr. Denis Habamungu. We were asked: which and where Is our destiny of life? We learnt that God is our destiny. Here Br. John Njuguna compared the life to a river flowing into which dirty streams pour into it but it remains pure because it flows and flows until the river reaches its destiny the ocean. That’s why he compared human life with it; because in life we get challenges but how long do we stay in the line or believe in God? It was really touching, Thanks to the salesians who took time in preparing for the Youth Forum. After the talks, we went for the sacrament of Reconciliation (confession). There after we had a good healthy meal with a soda for each, it was a very good and a healthy lunch

After lunch, two members from each community went to visit the prisoners in kamuli prison. They took for them soap, cloths and also a word of hope in their life atleast to live a happy life in future. The remaining group went to kamuli town accompanied by the brass band of st. Josephs-kamuli. We marched around the town and indeed, we carried the Gospel of Joy to the Youths in kamuli town because most of the people followed us as we marched.

We came back in the evening in time for a good bath and after we had the closing ceremony during the mass. Fr. Ben “Kyuma kiyaka” the Youth chaplain in Jinja diocese declared the Youth Forum 2013 closed until the next one to be announced years to follow. After mass, we went for supper which was well deliciously prepared, thanks to the cooks who worked behind the scenes of Youth Forum.

This was followed by the cultural program,, it was the last day of presentation. This made the participants to be serious in what they were presenting. Our boys in Namugongo performed well because atleast every one took part on the floor, it was real fun. It took us up to mid-night but no one was tired because the presentation was lively, well performed, keeping everyone on their toes. Those who could not be present, be sure that you are present for the next. We went to bed late at night.

We were up in the morning in time ready for mass and after, Fr.Arasu the rector of kamuli community together with other conferes wished us a safe journey back to our different communities. We had breakfast and immediately after, we took off and ended the Youth Forum.

Through sometimes water went off from the top, there was a borehole in the community which helped us during that time. There was a problem of electricity where by it was on and off some times but that never stopped the program to continue because the generator was ever there.

DURING THE Youth Forum of 2013, we learnt how to make or choose a correct decision in one’s life. We were told to become what we desire, most in life in order not to live a miserable life. I would like to thank the organizers of the Youth Forum that they really did a heroic job. Youth these days need a forum of this type so that they do not get lost in life.

LONG LIVE “YOUTH FORUM.”              

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