Namugongo - Kira Town, Kampala Uganda

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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala - Uganda


Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

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Renovations at Don Bosco CALM-Kira Mulawa

As we know, with passage of time things get old and so they need to either be replaced or renovated. The first renovation is the painting of “house five” dormitory. All the boys who were sleeping in the house, were shifted to other houses that is to say, house one, house two and house four leaving out house three for visitors. The renovation involved painting of the walls, the ceiling and the doors too. It aims at making the houses clean and bringing it to its original appearance. This worker was carried out by engineer Oneni Fred who is a past pupil of St John Bosco Vocational Training Center Bombo owned by the Salesians and assisted by Mawejje Steven who is a boy of the place and also a past pupil of Bombo.




The second renovation is the preparing of toilets and bathroom doors. This important work was carried out by Uncle Musoke Charles and a boy of the place as well as a past pupil of St Joseph Vocational Training Center (Mutebi Silver) who completed metal and plumbing studies. The doors had corroded totally due to different factors. All this work will bring back the doors to their original appearance.


The third renovation was not exactly a renovation but a continuation and completion of laying carefully and systematically stone slates of irregular shapes and sizes brought by trucks from the quarry. This is taking place on a big portion of the drive that remained incomplete. It is not an easy task but Isanga Richard, Ssegawa Geofrey, Birewe Cyrus, Kaweesi John, Kyobe Reagan, Nzalamba Simon Peter and Tomusange Joseph are sweating it out in summer heat to complete this project on time. This work will not only prevent large soil erosion during the rainy season, but also enhance beauty to the surrounding place in our home.



Finally, all this work entails considerable finance. We thank God for our benefactors known and unknown, may the good Lord reward you abundantly.

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