Namugongo - Kira Town, Kampala Uganda

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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala - Uganda


Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Celebration of the Holy Mass on Sunday at Don Bosco calm

This is a typical Sunday Mass at Don Bosco CALM-Kira. Our boys are in their best attire. Outsiders; men, women and children dressed in colorful outfits also join us in the Eucharistic Worship. Gradually our beautiful Chapel of Don Bosco, a marvel to behold at fills up. The hymn is sung and the eyes are turned to the procession that comes in. In comparison with all other churches, at Don Bosco CALM everyone participates in the singing bit the choristers or the congregation and this makes the Mass our own Mass. The faithful always erupt into singing to the top of their voices to the accompaniment of the piano, guitar and drums.

Suddenly the faithful feel sorry for their sins thereafter comes the Word of the Lord where Jesus Christ talks to us Himself through the Priest. The Word touches our hearts and calls for our spiritual transition. Nevertheless some words make us smile or even laugh because they seem interesting.


It was so amazing that sometime before the congregations never offered anything inform of money to God, but now it seems even more interesting that the time for Offertory is not only for the Priest to offer the Bread and Wine but also for the congregation to offer something to their Mighty God. The boys sit as they sing ‘Bringing in the Sheaves’ while lines of thanks givers march to thank God.

Later we see the boys rise up their hands while waving them happily. What must be happening? Oh! This is the time to exalt the Lord of Hosts, the Omniscient and Omnipotent God who will reign forever and ever. With joyful lips they say, “Holy Lord of Hosts, Heaven and Earth are full of Your Glory; hosanna in the highest….”

Thereafter their voices fade softly and no voice is heard except that of the Celebrant. Everyone kneels down and this marks the most essential part of the Catholic Faith because at this time Jesus Christ offers Himself to mankind. We all kneel down to welcome Him with respect. It’s Him who knows no age because we even take a glance and see respectful people in their 90s bowing down before Him with respect.

Coming to the time for the Holy Communion, we see Christians yearning for Christ including the young boys who have already been prepared by the Salesians. We always feel rejuvenated after letting the Word enter our hearts. The lyrics in the hymn ‘Sweet Sacrament Devine’ permeate our hearts and we really see God’s presence among us.

Finally the Celebrant says “go the Mass has ended, go and spread the Love of Christ” and the Exit chant is sung. The young boys look to be more serious at this time. Is it because it’s almost next to breakfast or because the Holy Spirit has possessed them?

And when the exit chant stops, some boys stride out to spread the Love of Christ whereas others remain for a short meditation with the Lord. And this makes the Lord’s Day at Don Bosco CALM………  

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