Namugongo - Kira Town, Kampala Uganda

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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala - Uganda


Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

The child has one intuitive aim: self development

The Grand Finale

Now the best teams had made it up to the finals. Among these teams was Vocation Training Centre (VTC) that made it Basketball; Senior 6 that made it in Volleyball and Senior 3 that made it in all the two disciplines.It was a fairly flowing Sunday accompanied with a favorable weather when the first game kicked off. A tight volleyball game between Senior 6 and Senior 3 officiated by Rev.Fr. Jean Marie, The Rector of the place. All the teams seemed ambitious and were determined to raise the trophy. The game begun with a high pace, everyone received the ball, tossed it and then pushed it over the net by either a spike or a simple toss. Enthusiastic music was heard in the background as the teams battled. At this moment the Senior 3 team was seen losing morale despite the fact that it comprised a large fan base, finally they ended up losing it to the Senior 6 team. Jubilations were seen from the wining team but this did not make the defeated team to give up as it still had a chance of taking it in another discipline. With their hope of winning it in Basketball, they wished a fair play with the winners by a handshake and relaxed for the next game.

The next game had been announced to kick off immediately after lunch and so it was because at exactly 2:00 Pm all the teams had already gathered with their respective fans. It was now the Basketball Grand Finale between VTC and Senior 3 officiated by Rev.Fr. John Bosco, The Vice Rector of the place.

The players were all fast and furiously filled with determination to take it. The Senior 3 never wanted to let go as they had done in the first game. Now the players were seen attacking and defending. The big men held their balls securely.

The Senior 3 team led the First Quarter but then the VTC made a comeback in all the remaining quarters and led them. Three seconds, two seconds, and one second; the final whistle was now blown and the thrilling game was won by the VTC team. The Senior 3 had again lost for the second time. However, this never seemed to be the end of life for man’s greatest glory is never in not falling but rising up every time he falls. At the end of the time, the Senior 3 that had made it in all the two disciplines never won any. The Senior 6 and VTC made it in Volleyball and Basketball respectively. The day ended with recognition of all the participants but most especially the outstanding teams and personalities who had to receive their presents. Special thanks go Fr. Jean Marie who sponsored the competition, the entire Salesian community of Don Bosco CALM, the amperes with the Sports committee inclusiv

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