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Namugongo - Kira Town

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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Agricultural Growth at Don Bosco-Calm

Uganda my country is mainly an agricultural Country with 80% of its land devoted to farming and yet today’s youth in Uganda is interested in urban employment leaving their small holdings in the country side fallows. Uganda’s soil is fertile with adequate rainfall twice a year leading to 2 crops a year. Don Bosco – CALM sits on a land of  12  acres, one acre being allocated for existing buildings. Salesians of Don Bosco took charge of Don Bosco – CALM in the year 2005. Beginnings were difficulties and finance was the main problem for the up keep of its 140 plus more children.It was only in the year 2013 an attempt was made to cultivate the vast fallow lands. To get the children interested in a small farming project was not all that easy. We began with a cattle – poultry farm with geese, ducks, layers, piggery, goats plus cows and this proved successful. As for farming, the years 2013 plus 2014 did not bring in much yield.

   Year 2015 has brought joy and happiness because of the told attempt to go on a large scale. The brain wave behind it is our Rector Fr. Jean Marie together with Br. Hubert and Mr. Henry Bukenya Also a good number of boys put their hands to the plough. We cannot forget; Dhamba  Vincent, Reagan, Waisswa, William plus other farm hands. We are now harvesting the fruits of our labors  among which grown include; Cabbages , carrots(Daucus Caroto) , Nakati , Onions ,Beans ,Maize ,Cassava ,Egg plants , Green peppers ,Cowpeas and Sweet Potatoes. As for now we have started and still consuming on the above mentioned vegetables and crops since they grow in a very short period of time. We are now harvesting beans and they are many in line with the area we planted them on. Already started consuming on these beans as we await the harvest of maize in short period of time from now.


Factors that have led to the Growth of Agriculture at Don Bosco

1.      The involvement and interest of our Rector in farming is one of the main factors, ensuring that the boys have enough food.

2.      Working together as a team and the motto of Don Bosco CALM, “WE SHARE”. This has encouraged many young boys to actively participate in this project.

3.      Adequate number of workers in the farm.

We continue to look at agriculture as the main source of food supply in the Community. Since we also have the farm, the animals also get food from the crop residues.However we are faced with some challenges like pests and diseases, inadequate capital, poor quality seeds on the market, among others.

Who will come forward to subsidize our Agro farm Project? The good Lord will provide if we PRAY and are grateful.

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