Namugongo - Kira Town, Kampala Uganda

DON BOSCO - Children And Life Mission - CALM


Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala - Uganda


Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

The child has one intuitive aim: self development

let us enjoy our sweet Patatoes from our Garden

For us salesians of Don Bosco, Holidays mean a lot, it is a time of changing activities and at Don Bosco CALM many of our activities are for the benefit of our boys,as for the agricultural activities many crops have already been harvested and now it is the turn of enjoying our own sweet potatoes from our own garden.

Fortunately it is now time for Holidays and since two week ago our boys of Don Bosco CALM are enjoying their sweet potatoes from the garden, normally a group of boys is given the responsibility of working upon the sweet potatoes, there is a group of boys who uproot it right from the garden with the help of some workers and carry it near the kitchen so as to be peeled, after being peeled it is prepared in two ways; either by boiling it with water or by deep frying it in oil, normally the boiled one is eaten for supper and the deep fried one is eaten for breakfast with porridge, normally  the boys eat it 3 times in a week that is on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday but also in some other days when there is a need. Looking at the way our boys respond towards the preparation of their own sweet potatoes, we can realize that they enjoy eating them and when served they are present with a smile on their faces as a sign of happiness because it is also a way of changing their own diet. We thank God in the first place because He provides us with the favorable seasons and all the people who are helping us gain something from our gardens a resource that we need to exploite and in a special way we thank the collaboration of our boys in the preparation of these sweet potatoes.

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