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Namugongo - Kira Town

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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Modern piggery under construction in Namugongo.

Don Bosco CALM is building a sizeable and hygienic piggery since last Monday 29/02/2016. The project is being funded by a religious Sister’s community in Belgium through Aunt Leen. This project of widening and modernizing our piggery comes to offer a complete pork diet for our beneficiaries (young and vulnerable children) living in our Centre of Don Bosco CALM. Besides, this project will also contribute to raise income helping other various areas of expenditure for our beneficiaries such as school fees, clothing, health care, food and education. In Uganda as in many African countries pork meat is relished. It is eaten frequently during parties and other important celebrations. In our Centre of Don Bosco CALM, children enjoy pork as well as beef from our farm. This encourages them to care for the different animals we possess. As they have different interest and preferences vis-à- vis those animals of our farm, children of Don Bosco CALM care for them accordingly. Thus, some boys care for pigs, others for goats, others for dogs, others for birds, and others for rabbits. They offer the animals especially water, feeds and a clean and conducive environment. The children of Don Bosco CALM understand progressively that human beings are called to care for our mother earth and what she gives such as different animals, trees, water, air, etc. Our thanks go to our different stakeholders who unceasingly give advice and counsel to the children of Don Bosco CALM. We as a salesian team working for the holistic growth of our young people are motivated by the support of many people of good will who pray for us and assist our mission financially. Therefore we continue to give our very best for the sake of God’s Love for the young ones, especially the poor. Thanks a lot dear Aunt Leen and your community in Belgium. When you come pork is waiting for you at breakfast, lunch and supper. But of course some sausages, rice, fruits and drinks will be available. But also the beautiful smile of Kirabo, Kakuru, Kato, Jibu, Jamir, Daudi,… and new comers such as James, Gabriel, Kafeero, Vincent, Henry,  etc.

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