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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

The child has one intuitive aim: self development

New Piggery at CALM

At Don Bosco Children and Life Mission (CALM) we have a new modernized piggery which can accommodate up to 100 pigs. Already 50 rooms are available. Good conditions including water and electricity are provided in the new piggery.  Until now, all the pigs are smartly cared for. No complaints at all. Their cleanliness is incomparable due to the fact that our pigs take shower obligatorily thrice a day.  All the pigs, from   big to the small ones have ear tags in view of their easy identification. Our pigs are now naughty because they make noise all the time despite the new building they are enjoying.


The reason behind that, we came to understand that they ask for music now and then to complete their joy at the maximum. After providing such leisure for their entertainment pigs promised to behave well. Therefore, some agreements were signed. Pigs promised to stop making noise, and complaining all the time.  They also promised to give nutritious pork, and manure to fertilize our banana plantation. The contract was signed between the head of the pigs and Mr Emmanuel in charge of cattle at Don Bosco CALM who agreed to put very soft music in the new piggery.    

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