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Namugongo - Kira Town

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The CALM acrobats at Munyonyo

The acrobats from Don Bosco CALM had a show at Munyonyo Catholic parish yesterday where there was opening of the new parish by his grace Dr Cyprian kizito Lwanga the Arch Bishop of Kampala .These boys did wonders of the first of the kind ever since they began their training as the acrobats, this left them convinced that its through practice and effort that one can achieve his dreams .this involved what is known acrobatic sanitation, gymnastic, yoga, circle, jangling, fake fighting, pyramid and then fire circle. This left the crowd wondering, and even the little faith or belief that they had was taken away the miracles and wonder that these boys performed.



Young as they are for example MULEGA Felix did what the crowd couldn’t imagine he climbed a pyramid of five meters high .The crowd was convinced that if these boys continue with the same spirit, they will become the best in the Parle of Africa (Uganda).Our director Rev .Fr Elie came back to the community of Don Bosco CALM full of smiles like the other men in the psalms who went out to saw in tears and came back full of smiles in their chicks with grains full in their sheaves. However we haven’t reached to our expectations due to some few factors like their attires, and financial support which we hope to get with time to come and it will be through your prayers and support.

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