Namugongo - Kira Town, Kampala Uganda

DON BOSCO - Children And Life Mission - CALM


Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala - Uganda


Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

The child has one intuitive aim: self development


Suuna stands at peace with his new pair of sandals

In an effort to improve on the personal hygiene of our boys, the community has bought new pairs of sandals for every boy. Before these sandals, the boys were seen walking bare-footed and most often some of them reported cases of minor accidents including collision of their feet with jutting ground stones. They would take a bathe and enter their beds with dirty feet which caused their bed sheets to get dirtied within a short time. However, with the provision of these sandals; this will all be history. The boys’ hygiene will improve most probably and they will walk around freely expecting no dangers of them hitting their feet with stones among others.

Uncle Felix distributing new sandals to the boys

                                    A boy’s foot resting in old sandals


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