Namugongo - Kira Town, Kampala Uganda

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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala - Uganda


Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Bye bye Awelina, Bye bye Mark

This Friday, 28 August 2014 our two volunteers from Poland (Marc and Awelina)  woke up early packing their luggage. Within the CALM Community, you could hear the children voices sounding “Bye bye Mark, bye bye Awelina”. These two volunteers have been with us in Don Bosco CALM Community of Namugongo for 2 months. Their presence among the whole CALM Community was so inspiring contagious. For the little children of our community, these volunteers were parents, they were friends, and they were brother and sister. There is no way of staying with children and not being emotionally or affectionately touched. Though they are materially poor, they are joyful. “What makes somebody happy is not necessarly what s/he has, but what s/he is”. This was the view of Awelina and Mark revealing to Fr. Rector who was accompanying them  to Airport.

 When it was time to leave the community, all the boys came to say bye to them. A lot of tears  were shed like  rain drops both from the boys and from Awelina who was even ready to let the car leave her.  Bear-hugs were the only sign to manifest the emotion they had. Until the car reached the Kira Town, Awelina was still crying, nobody else could talk. The silence was full of many questions which surely revealed how deep  by these volunteers loved us and were loved. These tears  the volunteers shed are really a blessing to our community which needs a lot of tears of love and compassion to care for our children. The more people cry for others, the more they get to understand and to help them. Poland is far from Uganda, but really the home of Awelina and Mark is still in CALM Namugongo, because their hearts are remaining here. Awelina before she entered in the departure hall at Entebbe, she didn’t wait inform Fr. Rector that there were still some boys whom she didn’t say bye to. These boys are: Opio, Muhima, Kirabo, Daudi, etc. “Please, remember to tell them that I love them so much”. She said. At the same  time they thanked a lot the salesian members of CALM Namugongo especially Fr. Rector Jean Marie Mushibwe who was so so so good to them. They really felt that they were taken care of and appreciated in their assistance and staying with the children of CALM Namugongo. We are waiting for you back amidst us please”. Fr. Rector of CALM repeated many times.

Dear Volunteers may God bless you and accompany you everywhere, and in whatever your future  plans to achieve good for Poland and Uganda. AMEN

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