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Namugongo - Kira Town

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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

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Meeting with our Past Pupils

This Sunday 31st August 2014 at CALM Namugongo from morning 8.30 AM up to Evening 7.00 PM there was a meeting with our Past Pupils. Fr. Jean Marie MUSHIBWE the provincial delegate of Past Pupils in Uganda at the same time the Present Rector of Don Bosco CALM has invited the Past Pupils to meet with him. After invoking the Holy Spirit to strengthen the Past Pupils Association, he presented the new members of the community (Fr. Bosco, Fr. Elie and Br.Hubert). Twenty five members of the CALM Past Pupils Association were present.


After the introduction, Fr. Jean Mushibwe has given out the Agenda of the meeting.

1. Presentation of CALM Situation

2. Planning of Meetings with Past Pupils

3. Sharing life experience of Past Pupils

4. AOB

On the 1st point, Fr. Jean Marie Mushibwe has given the general situation of Don Bosco CALM.  Up to now we have about 150 students here in CALM. He highlighted some changes in the life of Don Bosco CALM. Fr. Richard has been transferred in Bombo and now he is in Poland for on home leave. There are some changes in the life of CALM Community. This change has taken place since the new prefects/ leaders have been appointed to help their young brothers to commit seriously to their daily duties. As an example, Fr. Rector mentioned all the students of Higher Education (Studying at Universities) who are appointed to be Guardian Angels of the boys of P1 and P2. They are giving a feed back to the goodness they have themselves benefited from Don Bosco CALM. “We are really proud of them “. He articulated.

Concerning the 2nd Point, Fr. Rector has agreed with all the past pupils to meet at the following dates:

·         08/12/2014: Salesian Day

·         31/01/2015: Don Bosco Feast

We have to harness all our energy in order to build up a constant and strong network of information through the modern means of communication such as Facebook, phone calls, e-mail, twitter etc.

Some suggestions have been raised. Segawa Geoffrey (The present president of Past Pupils Association) has showed the urgent need of talking to their little brothers staying at CALM about the future life waiting for them. Another past Pupil has suggested that some movie or conference about Don Bosco life can be given to them. At the same time, they insisted that as they meet regularly, there is a need of variation in the procedure of the meeting in order to make it lively and more attractive. Fr. Rector has revealed we now have our own website: to visit it in writing articles or photos for our website.

The 3rd point, the major challenges the past pupils raised were about the continuing support of the past pupils by the Don Bosco CALM in one way or another. “Some boys who did Secondary studies have been pushed up to University. What about us technicians”? Said one past pupil. “Why don’t you send us at Kyambogo like others”? He pursued. Many of these challenges faced by the past pupils have been answered by the Rector in the personnal talk with each past pupil.   

At the end of the day, there was a football match between past pupils versus our boys of CALM. The score was of 9 (our CALM Boys ) and 5  (Past pupils). Then the president of the Past Pupils Association, Segawa Geoffrey concluded the event by addressing the evening talk to the whole Don Bosco CALM Community. The Past pupils were very happy to share not only the fraternal meal with their brothers but also to rediscover again their ancient Patron Don Bosco in the Person of Fr. John Marie Mushibwe whom they love so much.

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