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Namugongo - Kira Town

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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

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Congratulations to Father and Master Jean Marie Mushibwe

Reverend Fr. Jean Marie MUSHIBWE now is Master in Educational Management, Policy and Planning . This Friday 12/09/2014 will remain unforgettable day for Fr. Jean Marie Mushibwe and the School of Educational Management, Policy and planning at Makerere University. Last Friday morning, Fr. Jean Marie Mushibwe, majestically dressed in suit and clergyman shirt, went to defend his book for the end of his Master’s program in Educational management, Policy and Planning. Fr. Jean Marie started writing his long essay since last April 2014. When others were given the whole 2 semesters to write and to research for their Masters project, for him, it was only the last semester. And he made it efficaciously. All his 14 classmates are still writing until now their long essay. When are they going to finish? Who knows? May be in two or three years to come. Fr. Jean Marie is a hard worker student. After he finished to write his book, the Dean of the Faculty sent it in South Africa to be censured and marked by other 2 external professors. These ones gave him a good mark of 85%. “This is unbelievable, this student Jean Marie Mushibwe is a real brilliant hard worker”, said the Dean of the East African School of Higher Education Studies and Development, Professor Peter Neema informing him that his book was the best and got good marks.


 Fr. Jean Mushibwe was given only one week to reread and summarize his book and defend it in front of 5 doctors and professors of Makerere University. He did so yesterday Friday 12/09/2014 together with other 4 students of previous years. He had 15 min to summarize the whole chapters of his book, and 15 min to answer questions from the staff. He not only defended his book well but also he challenged eloquently and admirably his audience.  “Nobody has ever spoken like this student, it is the first time we have a foreigner, and Francophone student, who does a beautiful systematic research like this one! Bravo Fr. Jean Marie” said one professor. When he was speaking he did need the microphone, his voice is loud and clear enough.  “Now I can see, you are a good pastor, your voice can raise even the dead” said amazingly one protestant professor after his defense. All the professors and doctors congratulated him. The Dean of the East African School of Higher Education Studies and Development, Professor Neema revealed him officially that this Friday Fr. Jean Marie Mushibwe has exactly done 2 years of Masters. He was admitted at Makerere University on 12/09/2012, and now gets his Masters on 12/09/2014. What a wonderful coincidence! The whole staff is waiting for Fr. Jean Marie next semester as a candidate for a PHD degree. The deadline to submit the registration letter is November 2014. May God guide the wisdom of Reverend Father, Master Jean Marie Mushibwe.

From now, we are longing to celebrate his graduation in January Next year 2015. Welcome and be together with us to enjoy the success of Reverend Father and Master Jean Marie Mushibwe, Alias Pius XII.

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