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Namugongo - Kira Town

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Body and Blood of Christ

Early in the morning the boys were up and eager to prepare for the big day. They were well motivated to show their faith and love for Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist. Some boys had to do house chores. Each one had to make sure that his bed was the best and some had put different types of roses on their beds and all looked wonderful because each boy had made different designs on his bed. The boys of each house organized tables in the front where the Blessed Sacrament was going to be adored. The tables were decorated with lovely roses of different hues and appearance. After work completed, the boys went to take shower and then dress smartly for the Eucharist Celebration.

     The first Eucharist celebration was for Makerere students and Fr. Jean Marie was the celebrant. The second Eucharist celebration was for us, Don Bosco-CALM and a good number of faithful from the neighborhood and elsewhere. Fr. Elie was the Celebrant. Fr. Elie in his preaching explained the meaning of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. He did this to tell us different stories trying to analysis the three readings and to draw from the lesson of being good Christians and how we should take ourselves as Christians.



After the thanks giving song, there took place the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It began with a procession led by Fr. Jean Marie our Rector. All took part in it. We adored the Blessed Sacrament at different stages. We first went to the community house. Praise and worship songs were sung followed by different intentions presented to the Lord from different individuals. This was concluded with a Glory be to the father……………   We then proceeded to the boys’ section. First was House Four where members had organized different songs and appropriate intentions to present to the Lord. This was done likewise for the rest of the houses where members had prepared to receive the Lord with praise and worship songs plus different intentions to present to the Lord. We then moved back to the Chapel to conclude our Adoration. After the final Blessing, everybody was contented because each one seemed to be filled with the Holy Spirit and moved out in a prayer full mood. It was the first time in the annals of Don Bosco –CALM such an event to take place.

        We then had our breakfast after which, all primary students were called for brass band practice. After there we had lunch and followed by indoor games like football, volleyball and basketball.

      Late in the evening we received visitors from different Salesian communities like Kamuli and Bombo, they had arrived to celebrate Brother Robert Dias’ Birthday to mark his grand completion of 92 years. All in all, Don Bosco-CALM boys with Social workers and visitors gathered around Brother Robert to felicitate him. The Brass Band was in attendance, the gathering singing lustily – Happy birthday….    Departure was at one’s own leisure. Celebrations ended at 11:00 pm.

        The Lord be praised for the lovely day

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