Namugongo - Kira Town, Kampala Uganda

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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala - Uganda


Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

The child has one intuitive aim: self development

The Feast of Mary help of Christians

This day in the Salesian Missal l it is always celebrated on the 24th  May .This time round it was  to be a Sun day of which it Pentecost day  and this made the feast to be celebrated on 23rd which was a Saturday. This day was begun early that at 6 o’clock most of the boys were out of their beds. They started with cleaning the different places where the uncles had allocated them to work. The cooking had already been done at night. After cleaning we all dressed up smartly for mass and it begun with a procession which started from the Grotto of mother Mary. The novena was led by father Elie and all those who had petitions wrote them on papers and were burnt. The smoke that rose up represented going to our mother Mary.


After burning the papers we all headed in the church led by the alter servants. Father started the mass and in the preaching he talked about the love of mother Mary she has for all of us even much more compared to those of our biological mothers. He encouraged us to continue praying to her to intercede for us. The mas ended well, he thanked all the boys for the nice co-operation they had shown and unity throughout the mass. Then father Bosco who by then worked as the rector because the rector father John Marie had gone for a meeting in Rwanda gave us the program line up. We were to have breakfast first followed by washing for those who had clothes need to be washed the lunch and finally other personal activities .From church we had a nice breakfast and switched to washing. This done while listening to music that everyone who would move in the compound would be seen trying to copy up with the beat of the song. At exactly 1 o’clock we were all called in the community house where we all had a very nice lunch .As we were having it, some entertainment as going on where some boys performed different items  mostly miming. Among the performers were Mugume Joseph and Kirabo John Bosco who gave up a hot mime that attracted everyone’s attention. One boy was heard saying “eh even Kirabo is greater than me in music”. There I learnt that there things God gave to each one different from the other. The lunch was wow because every class of food was there and every one had, it to t’s beast. Among the entertainments was also a chair dance which required eight participants and father Bosco was there. So there it stared but unfortunately he was knocked out in the second part. The finally Kabanda George and Kasule Ivan qualified for the final where Ivan came out as the winner and father Bosco gave him a dessert which was a melon. Our meal was ended with a prayer and everyone continued with the rest of the personal activities .The econommer of the province was also there father John Pau. It was a very nice day full of joy and lessons for the wise, fantastic it was. Thanks to our lovely father John Marie, father Bosco, father Elie, Brother Robert, Brother Hubert plus uncles and unties. Lastly but above all thanks to the almighty God who enabled us to reach that day and our mother Mary for the love she has for all of  us.

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