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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

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Happy Birthday Aunt Gabriela

On Sunday the 30th of August, we celebrated the birthday party of Aunt Gabriella. We realized that Aunt Gabriella who was given the name of aunt Namirembe was very happy to see how she is important to our community. The same day Aunt Ola was supposed to leave us begun with the Mass presided over by Fr. Jean Marie who made Aunt Gabriella pronounce publically again her promises that she made on her baptism day because it was the same date of her baptism. After the mass at 11:00 am, Aunt Gabriela offered some sweets to the boys as a way of sharing her joy with them.   At night for our supper we celebrated in the community the birthday of Aunt Gabriella who came a little bit late because she was from taking some sick boys to the hospital and then the whole community gathered around her, she cut for us a cake and sweets and everyone was happy. We wish you lots of blessings Aunt Gabriela in your life


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