Namugongo - Kira Town, Kampala Uganda

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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala - Uganda


Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

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Thank you Aunt Ola Namata we shall miss you

On Saturday the 29th of August together with our Don Bosco CALM boys, we celebrated the farewell party of Aunt Ola who was given a Luganda name Namata. By 7:30 pm all the boys assembled at the community house and we begun the celebrations with a prayer led by the boys themselves. The Rector welcomed everyone to the feast and invited everyone present to follow the life of Aunt Ola in a video that was prepared by our Br. Ssemakula Henry. Then meat roasting commonly known as “nyama choma” followed opened by Aunt Ola herself and then the boys followed. There were presentations all along the feast with which the boys expressed their joy for the presence of Aunt Ola among us and as a way of thanking her. This was through dancing, singing, skits and giving her gifts. This was followed by sharing a well prepared dinner and cutting of the cake by Aunt Gabriela who was celebrating her birthday and then came a moment of giving a card and a gift prepared by the community to Aunt Ola after which she addressed us saying, “I thank you for the rosary because for me it is a sign of faith and I wish you to rise in your faith and in everything in this life be it here or somewhere else” she asked for pardon from where she went wrong and appreciated the party prepared for her and that  she was happy to stay with us.

Fr. Jean Marie, the Rector of Don Bosco Calm-Namugongo in his speech thanked Aunt Ola for all the things she did and he said, “Indeed we shall miss you, even if we are not together physically, we are together in spirit. Thank you for the work you have done; taking boys to the hospital night and day, going for shopping, taking porridge to kira primary school, occupying the boys with games and especially for the P.4 where you have been the class teacher.”  Thank you aunt Ola for you have been a model to some of us through your smile, your way of praying and your simplicity, giving time to everyone

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