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Namugongo - Kira Town

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Youth alive festival Uganda central Region 2013

This festival took place at Youth Sharing Centre – Kampala on 15th June 2013. Eight schools participated in the festival and all were Schools except Don Bosco – CALM. Items on a competitive basis were poems, skits and fine art piece from each school. All this had to be done on the basis of the anthem “Dare to be different (change begins with me).” We also had interludes during the performance like mimes, cultural dances and back ground music. We were somehow late to reach the sharing centre, we left at 9:00am without

breakfast but a blessing we got, and we had our lunch at 1:00pm. Food was brought to us from Don Bosco – CALM Namugongo a good distance to reach us and earlier we did our performance.

After lunch we came back to the main hall waiting anxiously for the results. Three prizes were awarded for each performance. Would you believe on the item of poem, we were awarded first prize, for the song second prize and for the skit (fine art piece) third prize. We gathered a total of 4000 (thousand) points, the highest number. We are on the way to the National festival to be held on 9th June 2013 (venue not yet known).

The main purpose of this festival has been to make youth aware of their future, the problems and challenges they have to face in life, how to handle them so as to achieve their goal and big dream. Also the other lesson to resist peer pressure through building self esteem and confidence, respecting our own bodies and not live a waste full life. Not to forget, we learnt to be loving care towards those having HIV/AIDS, the disabled ones and the elderly. And all this under the maxim “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom” thus putting God our father first and foremost in our  lives.

A word of thanks and deep gratitude to all our friends at Don Bosco – CALM who backed us up with enthusiasm and sustained practices. Time was short but our boys responded marvelously well attentive to those who trained us

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