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Field work study at Kasenyi fish landing site

On 26th June  2013, students of Majorine College Form  had an excursion trip a field work at Kasenyi fish landing site in Entebbe.

We  left Majorine college around 11:30am and arrived at a Kisenyi fish landing site 1:10pm below are some of the events that took place  during  the day. First and foremost we were given a  security officer a lady on  arrival at the site  she addressed us and w took us through the rules and regulations which we were to follow. After  this, we

were given a  facilitator a lady who took us through a serious study such as writing(notes) about the location, development, problems affecting, contribution of the site and the future plans of the site. The writing study took about 45minutes after which  we had our lunch.

We relaxed for about 30minutes  and then set off for the physical study of the site. We noticed that Kasenyi does not only act as a fish landing site but also a fish selling site, a market centre and a water transport site. It also acts as a tourism site due to its attractive scenery. At 4:00pm,  we alighted from the buses and each of us had to pay shs 2000 as entry fee the beach goog to know the master in charge contributed shs 1000 for each of us to. We played different games like volleyball,  some were dancing while others enjoyed  water swimming. At about 6:30pm we were  asked to some assemble together and get ready for the return  journey  at 7:00pm we left  Entebbe beach  heading to Majorine School  where arrived at 8:30pm.

With the above information, it is self explanatory that the fieldwork study was enjoyed by the students since no problem was encountered except the late departure from school which was caused by the bus drivers. All in all, the study tour was very joyful and nice.





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