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Namugongo - Kira Town

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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Don Bosco-Calm Boys in Kira Primary School for the sports day

It’s Sports Day for KIRA PRIMARY SCHOOL,19/July/2014 at Kira Sports Ground. It’s a day that pupils of Kira Primary school have been waiting! It comes once in a year. The school is fairly populated and has four Houses represented by colors;Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. Its’ a mixed day school. All the young stars of DON BOSCO CALM get their primary education there.  Our young stars are spread in all the four Houses of the school. The competition was among the four Houses and the House that emerges the best will be proclaimed the Champions of 2014.There were several invited guests among whom were; parents, teachers from other schools, Heads of other friendly schools, Minister of Games and Sports Kira Town Council, CID-police officer, Chair man Uganda National Teachers Organization (UNATO), District Education Officer(DEO)-Wakiso District, and several well-wishers , The Guest of Honor was the District Sports Officer.


The aim of sports day:

The primary aim of the Sports Day was;

        i.            To promote and develop talents of the pupils.

      ii.            To empower young pupils to do things on their own.

    iii.            To encourage pupils to take sports as a professional job.

    iv.            To promote Inter House relationships, etc.

The activities/ items:

There were several activities / items done and  from each of items, each House sent its representative. The items were:

v  Bottle filling.

v  Spelling game.

v  Legged  race.

v  Three leg race.

v  100 meter race

v  Sack race.

v  Pealing “matooke”- traditional food. The aim of this is to promote culture and they were being tested in; speed, accuracy, skill and dressing.

v  Etc.


Ø  Brass band- played by the young stars of DON BOSCO CALM.

Ø  Acrobats- also by our young stars.

Ø  Chair dancing- by primary one.

Ø  Scout and Girl Guides’ parade- by pupils and most of the commanders were our young stars.

The overall view of the sports day.

The day begun with a band march from school to kyaliwanjala. Each House marched with a banner of it’s’ color bearing inscription, “KIRA PRIMARY SCHOOL SPORTS DAY 19/07/2014,” After this march pupils assembled in their camps ready for competition. It was really a very stiff competition and looking at the results there was very little differences between first, second, and third Houses.

Gifts and rewords:

Before  announcing the results, there were gifts that were given, for example: balls; certificates, most of our young stars got certificates ,some got two others three; invited guests each donated new full school uniform for some children picked randomly.

At the end of the day:

Green House took the championship and the girls trophies

Red House came second.

Yellow House took the trophy for good discipline.

Blue became the last.


The day ended with spectacular acrobatic performances. It was really a good and wonderful day. Every one enjoyed to the full. Congratulations to our young stars-CALM for participating well. See you again next year.

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