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Namugongo - Kira Town

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Blessing over Senior four candidates to the National exams


Sunday 12/10/2014, during 9.00 am Mass, there was a ceremony of blessing the S4 candidates in Don Bosco CALM. Those candidates were 4: Kasule  Daniel and Seggawa Martin  from our Don Bosco CALM and two other classmates’ boys neighboring our community. This has been a habit for all the candidates to the national exams to get such a ceremony of blessing one day before they sit for the national exams. Yesterday Monday 13/10/2014 in Uganda, all the S4 students started their national exams in order to enter the Advanced Level classes. It has been a good ceremony to give blessing to all these candidates. These candidates have been called close to the Altar after communion and get the power and blessing from God. As they knelt down all the three priests of Don Bosco CALM ( Fr. Jean Marie, Fr. Bosco and Fr. Elie) started one by one lying their hands upon each candidate to call upon him God’s blessing. The director of the community invited the candidates to read a lot and face without fear this national session of exams which will long for 1 month. He invited the two candidates from Don Bosco CALM afterwards to share lunch, and supper meals with the Salesian community as sign of closeness to them in their very tough moment of exams

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