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Namugongo - Kira Town

Kampala Uganda

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Killing bed bags at Don Bosco CALM

Tuesday 07/10/2014 was a very determinant date to finalize the work of eradicating the bed bags at our home CALM. There was almost 1 month that the community has started involving the children of CALM to improve the hygiene within our home. There is a lot of big improvement in the cleanliness of the compound, the houses and their vestments. Yesterday 07/10/2014, the Rector of the Community has called upon the Town cleaners agents to come to spray in the houses of the boys in order to kill the remaining bed bags, enemies to our children. These bed bags are small insects which are hidden in the beds and sometimes in the mattresses. They suck blood from the children when they are asleep. They are not very dangerous for the health of the boys. However some boys were complaining in these terms: ‘’Dear Fathers, may you increase the quantity of food, because whatever we eat, we need to share with our  neighbors ‘bed bags’ who suck our blood during night.

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